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  • SOPHIEcard.jpg

    Fan-made scratch-and-sniff card in tribute to SOPHIE presented as part of the SOPHIEfest raffle (2021). The card could be used in conjunction with a playlist or a performance video.
  • 3M_Licorice_Sample.jpg

    Scratch-and-sniff sample for 3M's licorice microfragrance. Number reads "ED050382-023".
  • LivingSingle_01_Front.jpg

    Aroma-Vision (scratch-and-sniff) cards for the television premiere of Living Single "She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother" (1994). There are 4 cards part of the Fox-O-Rama promotional partnership with 7-Eleven convenience stores; each card features a screen-printed odor.
  • BtGW_Poster.jpg

    Lithograph poster for Behind the Great Wall (1959). This document seems to be for the non-odorized version.
  • FleischmannsAd.jpg

    Advertisement for Fleischmann's Distilled Dry Gin in the Child's Play (1970) playbill. The ad included one stickered odor.
  • Image_front.jpg

    Photograph of Kathy Sherman smelling the odors that accompanied the scented film at Chicago's Borg-Warner Science Hall (1965).
  • BBC_ChildrenInNeed_CoverFront.jpg

    Scratch-and-sniff book for the special broadcasts around the BBC Children in Need Appeal charity event (November 24-27, 1995). The booklet features illustrations with 40 screen printed odors, including: Noel's House Party (6), Sherlock Holmes (6), Children in Need (8), Jim Davidson's Generation Game (6), Blue Peter (4), and A Nose Through Nature (10).
  • TVGuide_MyNameIsEarl_Cover.jpg

    Special TV Guide issue featuring the My Name is Earl Laugh 'n Sniff Card. The issue additional includes an interview with Garcia on the incorporation of scent into the episode.
  • LGOP_Card_Front.jpg

    Scratch-and-sniff card for Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986). The card features 7 screen-printed odors.
  • SteamRoomStories_Card_Front.jpg

    CinemaScent (scratch-and-sniff) card for Steam Room Stories: The Movie! (2019). The card features 8 screen-printed odors.
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