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Nickelodeon 1999 Smell-O-Vision Special

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Nickelodeon 1999 Smell-O-Vision Special

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    Smell-O-Vision (scratch-and-sniff) cards for Nickelodeon's back-to-school promotional event (September 1999). Nine cards were available from Kraft mac-and-cheese boxes or Post cereal boxes, and accompanied episodes of The Wild Thornberrys, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rocket Power, and CatDog. The cards additionally doubled-up as a small puzzle. Puzzle 1 could be found in Post's Golden Crisp and Frosted Alpha-Bits boxes. Puzzle 2 could be found in Post's Marshmallow Alpha-Bits and Frostred Shredded Wheats boxes. Puzzle 3 was only available in Post's Honeycomb boxes.

    You can watch a compilation of the odor cues here.

    Episodes with scratch-and-sniff include:
    The Wild Thornberrys S02E35: "Show Me the Bunny" (odors 9, 3)
    The Wild Thornberrys S02E37: "Thornberry Island" (odors 8, 6, 7)
    The Wild Thornberrys S02E38: "Dances with Dingoes" (odors 5, 4, 6)
    SpongeBob SquarePants S01E08a: "Sandy's Rocket" (odors 9, 1)
    SpongeBob SquarePants S01E08b: "Squeaky Boots" (odor 2)
    Rocket Power S01E10a: "Super McVarial 900" (odors 3, 9)
    Rocket Power S01E10b: "Loss of Squid" (odors 3, 4)
    CatDog S02E01a: "Send in the CatDog" (odors 7, 6, 5)
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    1999 Marshmallow Alpha-Bits Cereal Box (with Nickelodeon Smell-O-Vision Puzzle).
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